You may be a first time home buyer who is completely unfamiliar with the process. You previously may have purchased several properties and are starting to look for another one. Whatever your case may be, Grand Avenue Realty & Lending is here to help. This Homebuyer’s Guide will provide valuable and reliable information for you to use as a reference throughout the process of purchasing your home.


You need mortgage professionals you can trust. You need a company that values honesty and integrity throughout the entire organization. You need mortgage planning specialists who give you their best consistently. You need to find strength, stability and opportunity—especially now. You need Grand Avenue Realty & Lending!

When dealing with your home financing, we are not only working with one of your largest personal financial investments; we also are handling one of your biggest dreams. Since we work with matters so close to the heart, we serve you from ours.

Grand Avenue Realty & Lending can meet you where you are and help you where you are going. Let us provide you a mortgage without obstacles.